What type of a Laser Tag game should we play first?

If you are not an experienced laser tag or Paintball team, we definitely recommend SOLO game, i.e. each against each. Laser Tag is an individual game, in which you just pass arund the labyrinth and shoot on everything shining and moving. If you need not choose, whom to shoot, either red or gree, because all are red at SOLO game, you have many more targets to hit and the game is much more funny. The score is also usually much higher at SOLO game than at TEAM game.

If you come to our Laser Arena, definitely choose SOLO as a first game. Then, the second you can try TEAM, just to compare.

How can I book the game?

You can book the game via e-mail, telephone, or through our automated reservation web system.

If you book your game via e-mail, don't forget to mention the date and time, number of games, number of players, and whether you want to play as a closed group, or you allow other players to join you to the game.
Before sending teh reservation e-mail do not forget to look at our calendar, whether your desired time is not booked.


Is it possible to come without a reservation?

Yes, it is. If somebody is playing Laser Tag right at the moment of your entrance, you can have a dring in the meantime or spend an exciting time in our Laser Maze. But to be sure, please check our website, whether there happens to be an announcement about temporary closure of the arena for public  due to a private event.

Do you have a bar in the arena?

Yes. We offer various non-alcoholic drinks and a 12% beer Budvar.

Is it possible to get a food in the arena?

Yes. We do not have our own kithcen, but we will order a good pizza for you, that will be delivered as fast as you would wait for your food in a restaurant. For company events or parties we organize professional catering services.

Is laser dangerous to the eyes?

Laser beams used in our games emit visible red light at the wavelenght 635nM - 650nM with ouput power 2,61 mW (miliwatt). Your eye will not be damaged if hit by laser accidentally. To get a picture: Looking directly into a sun during a sunny day your eye would be getting 3,2 mW. Natural human reaction is to close the eyes or turn away from the sun. But usually the eyes remain undamaged. Of course, we strongly recommend not to look into the laser beam intentionally, especially not in Laser Maze, where the beams are turned on permanently and looking at them is very easy!

What shall I wear when playing?

There is no special dresscode in the arena, but we do not recommend white shirts and high heells. For hygienic reasons it is not allowed to dress the laser tag vest on a naked body. You have to wear at least a T-shirt with short sleeves.

How can I pay in the arena?

Euro is the only official currency in Slovakia. You can pay cash or with a credit card.

Can it happen, that I come during the opening hours and the arena is closed?

It may happen in case of a teambuilding event or private party. In such case we will announce it on our web site. Therefore have a look at it before you visit us.